Submission Guidelines

A serious, peer-reviewed journal, Walking the Worlds draws from a broad spectrum of perspectives, traditions, and disciplines.

The deadline for the Winter Solstice issue is December 1; the deadline for the Summer Solstice issue is June 1. The Editorial staff reserves the right to make editorial revisions in articles, essays, and reviews. All rights revert back to the author six months after publication.

1. Articles should run between 2500-7000 words, not including footnotes. We will consider pieces that are shorter or longer than this, depending on their merits.

2. The primary language of all material is English. All punctuation, pagination, spelling, etc. should follow American Standard. Chicago style is preferred.

3. All submissions must be submitted digitally to krasskova at Please submit as a Word document AND (where possible) as a PDF. This latter is particularly useful when one is quoting non-English text.

4. If you have an idea for a book review, please contact Galina Krasskova in advance to determine our interest.

5. All submissions should include the author’s name, address, current email, as well as a brief biography.

6. Articles should also include an abstract of 150-200 words.

7. The text of articles and essays should be double-spaced in a standard font like Times New Roman. Do not get funky with the formatting.

8. Please format all footnotes as endnotes, ideally using Word’s endnote function.

9. All submitted pieces must be the author or artist’s own work. Authors are responsible for obtaining the requisite permission to reprint copyrighted material, including images.

We do accept submissions of illustrations and artwork. They should be sent as JPG, PNG or TIF files, 300 dpi. The name of the artist and title of the piece should be included in a Word file accompanying the image.

At this time, we are not accepting poetry or fiction.

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