Walking the Worlds is a print journal devoted to an exploration of spiritwork and polytheism from a variety of traditions, ancient and modern.

Topics covered will include: gods, ancestors, spirits, spirit-animals, heroes, land-wights, prayer, devotions, offerings, sacrifice, ritual, ritual tech, festivals, temple and shrine-keeping, music, dance, ecstasy, madness, trancework, cleansing, entheogens, healing, initiation, ordeal, divination, oracles, inspired and channeled works, magic, witchcraft, herblore, science, history, mythology and so forth.

Walking the Worlds is published twice a year on the solstices. It is a professional quality, paperbound journal with attention to design and artistry. We ensure a high level of content from our contributors (see Submission Guidelines). We also run tasteful and relevant ads from the community.

You may purchase copies individually or through an annual subscription that gets you 20% off the cover price (see Subscriptions).

If you would like to learn more about any of the above, please contact the publisher at krasskova@gmail.com.