Walking the Worlds is a print journal devoted to an exploration of spiritwork and polytheism from a variety of traditions, ancient and modern.

Topics covered include: gods, ancestors, spirits, spirit-animals, heroes, land-wights, prayer, devotions, offerings, sacrifice, ritual, ritual tech, festivals, temple and shrine-keeping, music, dance, ecstasy, madness, trancework, cleansing, entheogens, healing, initiation, ordeal, divination, oracles, inspired and channeled works, magic, witchcraft, herblore, science, history, mythology and so forth.

Walking the Worlds is published twice a year on the solstices. It is a professional quality, paperbound journal with attention to design and artistry. We ensure a high level of content from our contributors.

All issues are available on Amazon.com.

You can contact the publisher at krasskova@gmail.com.